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What is Christian Life Coaching?   


It is a working partnership between you (the Coachee) and me, (the Coach).  It is a result driven process , where we explore Christian based strategic ways to move you forward in life, in areas you may be stuck in.

We work together to  explore workable options that will be specifically tailored to your situation. Christian Life Coaching is not counseling - it is "Coaching", designed to bring out and/or shedding light on what God has already placed on the inside of you.  As your "Coach", it will be my task to help bring those treasures out of you through biblically based principles, practical applications and godly wisdom.

All coaching appointments are scheduled in 60 minute increments and must be paid in advance.  Appointments can be done in person, on phone or face time.

I look forward to being your Coach

Blessings to you and yours!

M. Floyd, Christian Life Coach