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"A Different Kind of Promotion" - Psalm 75

Our current week reading is Psalm 75. We have all heard verse 6 of scripture preached time and time again - "Promotion comes from God".

Let's explore that for a quick minute. God promotes, but let's face it - there are others who do not serve God, who do not acknowledge our God that are constantly being promoted, exalted, that seem to continue to prosper in their wicked ways. That type of "promotion" leads us away from the will of the Lord.

But God has a "different kind of promotion", He exalts in righteousness, He exalts in peace. When the Lord promotes - it is in paths of holiness that will promote His kingdom, that will keep us in His will. When the Lord promotes us, we don't have to get our hands dirty, we don't have to steal, manipulate people or the system to rise to the top and we won't have to lie or keep back the truth to get what we want.

God's promotion is a "different kind of promotion" - one that will keep us close to Him, the kind of promotion that will draw us near to Him, that will cause a smile on His face - and He does it all for His glory and because He delights in us.

**God promotes according to His will for our lives**

Esther was promoted to Queen status because that was God's will for her life, Joseph was promoted to 2nd in command because that was God's purpose for His life and above all Jesus was given a name above every name! because it pleased the Father to do so. These are the types of promotions the Lord works - according to His will for our lives. Your "promotion" will be different from the next person, and mine will be different from yours - it is all according to our individual paths that the Lord has already designed for us.

Prayer: Exalt us O God according to Your heart, according to Your goodness toward Your people, exalt us above our enemies: the enemies of our emotion that may keep us entangled in confusion, going around in circles and never making progress. Exalt us O God in our families way above strife and negative communication, exalt us O God above generational curses. Exalt us O God in You, in Your peace, in Your prosperity for our lives.

Exalt us Lord above a circumstance that has kept us down and oppressed for years & be thou exalted O Lord in our lives and in this earth!.

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