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Allow My Holy Fire To Burn Up The High Places

April 18th

If you will be like my servant Josiah, whose heart was tender before Me and who humbled himself before Me when I spoke to him of the desolation and curse that would come to those who allow wickedness to dwell in high places, then I will give you peace and keep you from the calamity that will come upon the wicked.

Covenant with Me to keep instructions and take a stand for righteousness. Command your people to burn the idols of wickedness that rise up in this land. Do all that you can to see that the evil leaders of wickedness in your nation are brought down out of their high places, and put away those who consult with mediums and spiritisms and who lead My people into perversion. I will cause My holy fire to consume their wickedness and will restore righteousness to My people.

2 Kings 22:19-20; 23:19-24

Prayer Declaration:

Lord, let Your holy fire burn up all the high places of wickedness in our land. Purge us from the powers of darkness that invade our airwaves and bring perversion into the hearts of Your people. Cause me to be a firebrand of Your righteousness, and allow me to be a catalyst for a return to Your ways in our land.

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