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An Uncomfortable Place

Have you ever been in a place that was uncomfortable? awkward? a place in your life where you're not familiar with - but you find yourself there anyway?

To often we see beautiful social media posts & hear sermons that demonize "uncomfortable places", leading us to believe its a bad thing. Well-meaning friends and loved ones make an uncomfortable place to be a "bad thing", so much so that everything within us wants to run and escape this horrible place, this place of distress & uneasiness. As your emotions tell you, "After all I'm a child of God and life should be easy for me!", I rebuke this _____ in Jesus name" and if anything is out of order - ITS THE DEVIL!!.

I know, we all have been there and done that - and after all the rebuking, having people intercede for you - the situation remains the same. Let me be the first to tell you - that life itself can land you into some "uncomfortable" places and its not always the devil!

Joseph, was a young man in the bible that was kidnapped and taken to a foriegn land (Gen 40:15). A place where he didn't know the language, the customs were strange and he had no one to help him - no one but God - needless to say Joseph was in an "uncomfortable place" in his life - but the sweetest thing about Joseph's story is that in the most uncomfortable time in his life - the Lord allowed him to prosper the most!, the Lord allowed him to grow into his destiny, into his rightful place of authority, into his God-ordained place in this world.

Why am I sharing this? glad you asked! I want to encourage you, you may be in an "uncomfortable place" right now, but adjust your thinking. It is OK! to be where you're at!

Don't be so quick to want to get out, let patience surround you, don't look at it as a horrible thing - but look at it as a possible place to GROW, as a place to learn who you are, as a place to accomplish what you were designed for, a place to help you reach your potential in the Lord. This could be the very place you learn new things, invent something, discover something!.

**SPIRITUAL TRUTH*** there is no environment, no place that is too harsh, or situation too complicated that the Lord cannot work in - given Him an opportunity to show you exactly who He is - in this "uncomfortable place".

No one could have told Joseph that the place he found himself in, would be the very place designed just for him! Hold your head up sis!, there is no telling what the Lord will do in your uncomfortable place!!

Blessings to each of you - Prophetess M. Alexander, M.Div.,

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