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Don't Let Worry Consume You!

Psalm 37 gives us specific instructions that I feel are very appropriate for this time.

Fret not, Cease from anger, Trust in the Lord, Delight Yourself in the Lord , Commit Your way to the Lord, and finally Rest in the Lord.

Come on, take a deep breath.....blow it out, take another one......blow it out! now rest in Him, you rest by placing all your worries, all your concerns in His capable, powerful hands.

The Lord sees everything that is going on and has not lost control of the situation, all He ask us to do, as His dear children is to not worry, don't allow anger and worry to consume you, to tear down what God has built up in you. Don't allow worry about what is going on or what may happen to chip away at the hope that is in you!!. God has you and everyone else - under control!.

Beloved, rest in the Lord, trust in Him, put your focus on HIM! and He will make our way prosperous and He will take care of us. Blessings!

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Saundra Padgett
Saundra Padgett
Oct 16, 2020

Amen, Amen! Very timely word. 😊

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