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Prophetic Dreams - Part 2

Ecclesiastes 5:3(a) For a dream comes through the multitude of business;...

This scripture is one of the necessary building blocks to understanding and interpreting our dreams. Here, Job gives us a look at what our dreams consist of, what exactly causes us to dream.

Our dreams are made up of several things: events that happen in our lives good, bad, disturbing or something wonderful. Our dreams can also come about from things we see with our eyes, television programs, billboard, things we hear with your ears - basically any & everything - "through the multitude of business". These are dreams that come from who we are and what we do - in other words the source is us - our flesh, not God.

We fully need to understand that not EVERY dream is from the Lord - and dreams need to be tested before accepting them as truth. As we get further in this series, I will give you a few tools that will teach you how to "test" your dreams.

When we accept every dreams as truth or from the Lord - we act out what we believe, because we believe "it's from the Lord and the Lord won't hurt me - He want's what is best for me" - applying this thought to every dream can be dangerous - if what we dreamed is from demons with wicked agendas. I understand that this can be tempting to believe its from the Lord - especially when it is something we want or something we desire deep down on the inside!

Let's talk about our "desires" for just a sec. Our desires can lead us into some pretty "shady places" if they are not managed. Our desires can manifest themselves in our dream in some pretty interesting ways, if we are not vigilant in testing our dreams for authenticity - demons can use what we desire so desperately to trick and manipulate us into thinking "this is God speaking and this is God's will for our lives - but wait! didn't God say "He will give us the desires of our heart"..... yes He sure did and we will fully explain that - as it relates to our dreams in part 3!. lol!!!

Before we go into part 3- use this time to ponder, meditate on your dreams, buy a tablet or notebook and write all your dreams down - those that you can remember - DON'T TRY TO INTERPRET THEM! - just write them down as you remember. Stay tuned for part 3!

Blessings to you and yours

Prophetess M. Floyd, M. Div.

Discovering You Training Center

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