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Psalm 72 -God Don't Like Ugly!

Good morning all, its been a "minute' - I pray everyone is keeping safe and doing well. Keep holding on to the Lord because He alone will bring us through this trying time, He alone will provide the things we need to sustain us. Even though the pandemic continues to ravage our country, God is a Refuge for us. And to those who have lost loved ones, relatives, friends and associates, our hearts and prayers goes out to you - may the Lord bless you with His comfort and strength during those times of need.

We are currently reading Psalm 72, verse 13 & 14 reminds me of a saying my Grandmother used to say "God Don't Like Ugly!"

I used to hear my grandmother say that many years ago - as simple as it sounds, it held a wealth of truth and mirrors the treasures found in our current scripture reading Psalm 72. In verse 13 & 14 we see our Father God fight for and rescue the poor, needy, depressed, and oppressed. His love & compassion fights for those of us who are and have been less fortunate in this life.

Poor & needy defined biblically means someone who is: depressed, helpless.

Oppression defined biblically means: to suffer cruelty by someone who is much stronger (Isaiah 30:20; Job 35:9,36:15)

Haven't we all been here before? or know someone who is currently in this state - God is here to help!!

  • not being able to get a job based of our race.

  • not being able to create wealth because valuable information and resources were hid/held back because of the color of our skin.

Oppression is a real and can show up in many ways in life, not just in our emotions, But our God fights for us!! - in your prayers, pray this prayer:

🙏 God rescue me, my family, and my generation from years of oppression, Father cause doors to open to us, wealth building doors, doors of good relationships with my family, doors of good health for us - rescue and restore us O Lord! - restore the years the locusts have eaten away! restore the years that life has been cruel and unfair, unjust, make our way prosperous O Lord, Restore us O Lord, You alone are our Rescuer and Redeemer!

Blessings to you and yours

Prophetess M. Floyd

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