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Restore Me Again God!

Join us in reading Psalm 80 - normally we read a psalm a week - but this Psalm is different, it speaks to what we ALL have in common - RESTORATION.

Due to LIFE we let things that we love fall through the cracks - our prayer life, reading the word, or just simply taking care of ourselves and that type of life becomes our "normal", but in the end, its not healthy - spiritually or naturally.

Sometimes we have lived in dysfunction and abnormality for so long - that even the possibility of the Lord restoring us to what is ✨normal ✨- seems like an impossibility, like something that is far fetched - but its not!!

We don't have to live in fear, mental torment, insomnia, feeling scared and worried all the time. Allow the Lord to RESTORE YOU!. ALLOW HIM to be a good Father to you, ALLOW Him to shower you with His love.

The kind of pure, godly love that RESTORES, no matter how long the dysfunction has been there, no matter how long the hurt, the pain, the disappointment has been there There is healing & restoration waiting for you - allow God to do it by saying YES GOD! Do it for ME!!

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