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We Owe God Praise!

Psalm 65:1-3

Did You Know Praise will cause demons to flee! - Yes!! Our praise is a WEAPON in the supernatural! David understood this and its time we catch hold of this crucial principle.


🙏We praise You Lord for bringing us through a tumultuous and rocky 2020!, and allowing us to transition into 2021. Some did not make it , but we did. Comfort those families who lost loved one's, strengthen them Lord, as only You can.

We don’t know all this year holds for us, but we look to You, because You are already there, and we give You the praise and honor for that.

We thank You Lord for looking out for us, our families, our loved ones, friends, enemies, our churches and our employment – thank You, for providing our every need, for setting a table before us in the presence of our enemies – thank You Lord for being Kind and Gracious – without You, where would we be? You have caused us to hope in You, because of You we have an good inheritance, through Christ Jesus our Lord. Thank you for all the wonderful things You’ve done for each & every one of us – We thank You for protecting us and kepping us from being snatched up by the enemy and his wicked plans.

You alone sustained us!, You alone kept us!, You alone kept our feet on a righteous path and we give You all the glory that is due Your name!👏👏 – 10,000 praises be unto You O’ God!, with our hearts and with our lips we praise You O’ Lord! – Blessings, dominion, power and might be unto You O’Lord, forever, and ever, and ever!🔥

***Don't forget that we moved the Spiritual Warfare Group back to Facebook, click here to join the group

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