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Words are like Arrows!

In 2020 we don't fight battles with bow and arrows, but with words. The Word of God explains how these arrows are bitter words, meant to pierce – Psalm 64:3,4.

Harsh words that continue to play over in our mind. We might wake up with those words, go to bed thinking about what has been said - all the while those words are secretly bringing in defeat, draining us of our focus, our vitality, even our quality of life.

Words have power!, and they carry authority to accomplish good or evil. Cast down and fall out of agreement with bitter, hateful, disenfranchised words that try to build a world, an atmosphere of poverty, disappointment and fear for you to live in. Bitter or fear filled words that steal our joy, destroy our strength and muddy our focus. Practice casting those words down! We have power and authority over what we think and feel.

Ask the Holy Spirit, Who is our Helper, to teach us how to practice speaking faith filled words of Hope/power, This is practicing to use our our Shield of Faith, to block those words and speak what God has said into the atmosphere against those words!!

Go ahead and practice - You & the Holy Spirit got this!!

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