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You Absolutely Have What It Takes!

Have you ever had a list of things to do, but you don't have the physical strength to do it? You know those daily tasks that has to get done & then comes along "extra stuff", lol!. In our mind - doing something "extra" has not EVEN been calculated into the phsycial strength we need to give out for the day!

But because it needs to get done & because YOU belong to the Lord - allow me to encourage you - you absolutely have what it takes to get the job done!.

Here is where we PULL ON Jesus, Here is where we depend soley upon the Holy Spirit that lives in us. In Jesus we have an absolute endless supply of physical, emotional and spiritual strength. Psalm 18:2 reads

The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.

The Lord our Savior is the One who supplies our EVERY NEED, no matter what it may be! - Go a little deeper in your relationship with the Lord and - ask the Savior to supply PHYSICAL STRENGTH to your body, emotional & mental strength for the things you need to accomplish today. The Holy Spirit's power is not limited to "church stuff". We are His inheritance, we are His children and He is responsible for supplying our daily bread - whatever that "bread" is - God has already provided. ASK HIM!.

Refuse to be OVERWHELMED!, refuse to be so overloaded that you do nothing - refuse to be so overtaken in thought by the long list of things to do that you do NOTHING, REFUSE IT!! You may not be able to do it all, but you can do SOMETHING! why? because you absolutely have what it takes to accomplish your task for this day.

Refuse to accept the whispers of the enemy that says "you don't have the strength for that!", refuse the thought of "you may fail at this", refuse "you're going to fail!!" REFUSE IT!

Take it one step at a time & lessen the stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed! Take it one step at a time by giving the responsibility of the outcome to the Lord! You just do your part & allow the Holy Spirit to do the rest! Rest in Him, trust in His word that He will take care of you! Believe it or not sis - this is warfare!! not all battles look alike.

Take heart - God loves you - take heart sis and declare this out of your mouth today

  1. I have everything I need for this day

  2. I have the physical strength I need for this day

  3. I have the mental strength I need for this day

  4. I have the resources I need for this day

  5. Thank You Lord for giving me my daily bread for this day!

Blessings to each of you

----Prophetess M. Alexander

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