Vision of Discovering You





Discovering You is a safe place to uncover the hidden treasures of who you are in the kingdom of God. We are a thriving, growing, biblical training center - designed to unveil the Lord's treasures in this earth. 


Our vision is to help believers discover the Kingdom treasures God has placed on the inside, before you were born, identify what those treasures are & train and develop you in that area.

Our Mission is to assist believers answer the following questions:

  1. Who am I & where do I fit in the Kingdom of God?

  2. What does my kingdom identity look like?

  3. What are my spiritual gifts and how do I use them?


We believe God has uniquely designed you and created a specific path in which you should go.  We believe God does not make carbon copies of His creations - every individual has a unique function. 


We function as a specialized educational tool. Our three focal points to our Training Center area:



  • Identity - Biblical scripture's shows that everything God created has a name, a function and a specific area of authority. No two people are alike - Discovering you has been called to help reveal you are & where you fit in the Kingdom of God.

  • Training - Every spiritual gift and calling is in dire need of training - Discovering You Training Center is passionate about helping you learn the sills & knowledge necessary to become successful in your walk with the Lord  by providing courses based on biblical foundations, with *practical hands-on training.

  • Development - Through education, hands on training and individualized Christian Life Coaching, Discovering You helps promote growth towards Christian maturity.  It is our goal to see you develop into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ.   We believe because you are unique in the Kingdom of God, the Spirit of God will show you how to grow in the specific areas He has designed you for.  We further believe it is only in that place of uniqueness and wholeness that you will truly develop into His design for your life.  With this goal in mind, you will become an asset to yourself, family, your local place of worship and your community.

Remember, you are God's treasure in this earth & its time to discover you in Him!