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Visionary: Team

Prophetess M. Alexander, B.A.
Founding Visionary & Treasure Scout for the Kingdom of God


Prophetess M. Alexander , B.A.

Instructor, Intercessor, Mentor & Christain Life Coach

I am a Teacher at heart. There is such a joy in seeing a students' face light up when they "get it!" - when they realize God has a specific purpose for their life!.  It is in this passion that I continue to discover my purpose and pay it forward.

I am an ordained Elderess and Prophetess of the Refreshing Church, Seffner, FL.  Mother to a beautiful and extremely intelligent daughter, sister, prophetic warrior & friend.


I call myself a "Treasure Hunter" for the Kingdom of God! lol! and yes that is exactly the skills the Lord has invested in me, the passion to identify, train and develop His treasures.


Join us in our next class, to discover God's treasures in you!

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