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Bread Crumbs...

Revelation is like breadcrumbs, Holy Spirit drops it down or unfolds it as we go along, but one thing is required, we must follow what the Lord is dropping.

  1. Step 1 follow what your sensing from the Lord

  2. Step 2 follow the next thing

  3. Step 3 follow the next thing

This is done for our learning, this is for our growth and how we begin to understand the things of the Lord, Our Lord Jesus did not reveal everything to His disciples all at once, He simply said "Follow Me".

That is a powerful statement "Follow Me" and that is what the Lord wants us to do, for all those who desire to grow in the Lord and in the giftings He so graciously imparted to us - Follow the Lord, follow His leadings, His promptings, that song you hear in your spirit, the scripture that just "popped" in your head - follow the Lord and if is indeed the Lord, you will be lead down paths of righteous, peace and you will prosper. This is how we grow in God, in character and His giftings.

Lead us in the paths of Righteous Lord, for Your name sake!

Blessings to you

Prophetess M. Floyd

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