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Can You Trust What's In Your Bible?

Hi all! did the title catch your attention lol!! I hope so because what I want to share is serious and act of WAR!

I've often said that certain versions of the bible change the intended meaning of what the Spirit of God has said, based upon the original manuscripts that were transcribed to the King James Version. In my study time, I ran across some really interesting information that I wanted to share with you.

When a few words are changed, or omitted intentionally - that is a warfare strategy! why? because it changes the entire meaning of what we believe - and what we believe about God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and God the Son - makes up the very foundation of our salvation. When we have other "versions" of the bible that omit and replace words - it effectively re-directs our thinking in another direction.

It really amazes me sometime that we are in a real spiritual battle of intense proportions! I mean sometimes its to the 10th power!!! - to see the strategies of the demonic kingdom is a wake up call! A wake up call to fight!, a wake up call to go in a little deeper in intercession and prayer (as a matter of fact, my prayer list is growing lol!) growing because I see the effects of sin in my life and in my loved ones.

Yes I said me! I am not exempt from past hurts, pains, old wounds or attacks from the enemy - I too have a soul that constantly needs deliverance and sanctification. For those who encourage others and lead your families and loved ones - don't forget to bring yourself before the altar and allow the Spirit of God to cleanse, purge - that we can be a true light to others, that we can give a PURE WORD from the Lord - not mixed with unhealthy emotions and unrenewed mindset, or man-made philosophies and traditions that don't bring life, but brings bondage not freedom. lol!! ok, enough! this is what I wanted to share with you. I hope this will help in your studying of God's Word.

There are many, many more examples, but I used only one - the scripture Eph.5:9 KJV, this is from one of my trusted on-line tools they provide various versions to compare for yourself. RED CIRCLE: are scriptures in King James Version and New King James Version; YELLOW HIGHLIGHT are various other versions of the bible.

Notice how the word "fruit of the Spirit" was deliberately changed with new age terminology - "fruit of the light" - which takes our attention and focus off God,the Holy Spirit and re-directs them to a "light". When I ran reference in the bible dictionary the word "light" represents "shining rays that surround angels", "reasoning of the mind and spiritual truth" and representing God but does not say what God.

What are your thoughts on this?, anybody see anything different - I'd love to get your insight on this. #battleready

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