• M. Floyd, M. Div.

Don't Give Up!

Have you ever been overwhelmed emotionally, so overwhelmed that you feel like giving up? Have demonic spirits whispered in your ear "What is the use!".

Many of us, like David, can testify to feeling like this - at least once in our life!. Let's face it, we are HUMAN and we will face moments like these.

GAME CHANGER! the key to our victory is we are born of an INCORRUPTIBLE SEED!! Jesus Christ, a seed of holiness, righteousness, perseverance, steadfastness, a "I-gotta-keep-going- in-spite-of" thing that is way, way, way down in our soul, that "thing" that keeps us inspite of feeling like we just can't make it is JESUS!! the ROCK of our Salvation.

His strength is perfected in our weakness, His strength is just what we need during times of feeling overwhelmed, and He is waiting, willing and ready to strengthen you today! so lift up your hung down head, strengthen your feeble knees and say I AM STRONG!!


Father, lead me to a Rock that is stronger than me, Father lift me up to a place in You that will cause me to overcome & give me the victory in this situation - Lord, strengthen my heart, strengthen my mind, my emotions - surround me in Your strength.

Arise in me O God!! cause me to be Strong of Heart, courageous to do battle, courageous to stand for what is righteous and holy, even in the midst of troubling circumstances, even in the midst of those things that have weighed on hearts so heavy. Lift every heavy burden that has tried to weigh me down and refresh You are my Fortress. In Jesus precious name!🔥

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