• M. Floyd, M. Div.

Don't Let Fear Silence Your Voice!

Especially when we've been studying on Spiritual authority in our Spiritual warfare class - I was adamant that r quality of life.

When this whole "virus" thing started happening and I saw people - saints! - freaking out and speaking death over themselves, their loved ones, even their friends, I determined right then and there - I WILL NOT LIVE MY LIFE IN FEAR!'

Especially when we;ve been studying on Spiritual authority in our Spiritual warfare class - I was adamant that THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO RUN!!! What about all those prayers we've prayed when the world was normal, what about all the fasting, the nights of crying and tears coming out. The rejoicing over believing "God will take care of us?!! What happened?!!

This is a time of testing - we are either going to believe God …..or not!!!

As saints of God, we don't cower in a corner and remain quiet. We may bend a little, our knees may shake, our voices may quiver BUT because we have the Greater One on the inside - who has spoiled principalities, we have the Greater One on the inside who's name is ABOVE every name, even COVID-19 - WE DO NOT RUN! WE DO NOT KEEP QUIET!!

I encourage each and everyone of you, take a deep breath, square your shoulders - GOD IS ON OUR SIDE - we will not stop giving God the praise, we will not stop worshipping, we will not stop telling the world who our God is!! God has given us authority over all the power of the enemy - make your stand in the Lord and declare victory for you and your family.

REBUKE that spirit of fear, doubt, anxiety, worry and uncertainty - We have a God that cares and has promised to take care of us in the midst of ANY STORM, ANY VIRUS!!

Remember, your voice is one of your weapons in warfare! Do not allow these circumstances to steal from you.

Prophetess M. Floyd

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