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God Answers Prayers In Interesting Ways!

Often times the Lord sends answers to prayers packed in unusual ways. It may not look like your answer, it may not even feel like it!, but what if it is? You owe it to yourself to "search it out".

Remember, Jesus did not come to the earth, looking like a KING, He came the exact opposite - in the midst of poverty, in the midst of common, ordinary folk. Born to ordinary people like Mary and Joseph - and yet He was the ANSWER to the worlds problems, He was the solution to it all!

This reveals one of the manners in which the Lord chooses to send solutions, it reveals one of the ways the Lord chooses to answer our prayers. If you have have been praying, seeking God for solutions - and it appears like it has not been answered - LOOK AGAIN.

What song has been playing over and over in your spirit? could that be the answer? What person has been constantly on your mind to check on - could that be beginning of finding out your answer? What scripture has been popping into your mind that you just "dismiss" as just a thought?

My point is - take time to SEARCH out what you hear, sense - what has the Holy Spirit dropped in your spirit?, God speaks all kinds of ways - it is up to us to SEARCH IT OUT!

It is God's prerogative to conceal a matter - but He has given the honor to us!! to dig into it! - don't miss what God is saying by shrugging it off! - take your time and SEARCH that thing out! you may be presently surprised at the nuggets the Lord has waiting for you to discover!❤

Blessings to you! - Prophetess M. Floyd - See you tonight @ 8pm, I will be teaching live in our Spiritual Warfare Group (click here to join)

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Sybil Burks
Sybil Burks
Mar 18, 2021

That is good word

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