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God's Promise To You!

We've all heard that "It is a blessing to give", not only is it a blessing to be able to give to someone else, but God will repay you for reaching out to others who are less fortunate & no one can REPAY LIKE GOD!

As a Giver Kingdom Identity - it is in our nature to "GIVE", the Lord has specifically designed your spiritual DNA to give back, to help those in need, but there are sure promises from the Lord to all Givers. It is never in His nature to have us give and give and not pour back into us! God is never selfish! He will replenish, restore and the Lord will repay!, read these Eight promises of the Lord to those who give to the poor.

  1. Blessed is he that considereth (gives attention to) the poor

  2. The Lord will deliver you in the time of trouble.

  3. The Lord will preserve you

  4. The Lord will keep you alive

  5. You shall be blessed upon the earth

  6. The Lord will not deliver you to the will of your enemies.

  7. When you are sick, the Lord will strengthen you

  8. When you are sick, the Lord will restore your health

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