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Guess What's Happening NEXT?

Hi all! I hope everyone had a beautiful and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend! Mine was peaceful!

Just wanted to let you know - It's TRAINING TIME again!. yay! Yeess, we are moving forward in our NEXT! with the Lord - we are going a deeper into the supernatural Gift(s) of healing, you will not just get "information", but we will explore what this gift looks like in YOU! - and for those who have come to class, you know there will be "HANDS ON TRAINING!" - Let's get all God has for us!!!

Its time to move forward in what God has placed in YOU! Register for training to get a better understanding how this gifts works in YOU - Discover You in Him in the area of Healing!

I appreciate you all and hope to see you in training, I've included the link in this post for your convenience!! PLEASE SHARE!!...see ya soon!

Register me for this training!

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