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How To Manage Your Gift!

Hi all!, first off I want to say a big THANK YOU! to everyone that attended our class on Word of Knowledge, and if you couldn't make it- its ok! we hope to be of service to you again in the very near future. Next class, Thurs 7.25.19 @ 6:30pm!

How To Manage Your Gifting of the Word of Knowledge

This supernatural gift is so amazing, it is one of the ways the Holy Spirit expresses Himself or communicates to us. As discussed in class, the Holy Spirit is God!, He is not "energy", or a "ghost". He is fully and simply GOD!!.

That being said, God is supernatural and how He communicates is above what we know or can imagine - that is why is it very important, if not VITAL that we learn how to manage what God says to us, no matter how He chooses to speak; through nature, sounds, colors, songs, the written Word of God, dreams, visions, etc. I guess you know by now! God has soooo many ways to speak, we can not name them all.

To help you manage your gifting of the Word of Knowledge, I'd like to give you a few tips.



1. If you are a dreamer or see visions (inner or outside) the very first thing you need to do is

WRITE IT DOWN!!. This first action is so important that we overlook it and end up not understanding what God want's to say.

2. You must make it a habit to write down what God says. Why? because simply you will not REMEMBER EVERYTHING! - you see how deep that was!?lol!! we are human, have very busy lives and something will happen to cause us to forget the details.

3. It is in the details that will help you to discern, interpret what God is saying. For example if you dream, write down everything, how you felt, what you saw, who was there, what were you feeling during the time, was it on the left side, right side, in the ground, in the sky. What color was it, etc. all these details are VITAL to correctly discerning and interpretation.

4. DO NOT TRY TO INTERPRET IMMEDIATELY - just write down all the details. When you try to write down and interpret at the same time - 9 out 10 the interpretation will and can be incorrect - *UNLESS* you know for sure - the Holy Spirit is speaking.

I hope these few tips help you - if so, reply back and I will give more tips to help you manage what God has given you.

Blessings to you and yours

"Ms. Mae"

Discovering You Training Center

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