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In The Heat of The Battle!

Remember we fight from a position of Victory, not defeat! we fight from above, not below! LIFT YOUR HEAD and fight!

In warfare we have to practice placing this thought in our minds when we pray - especially in the heat of the battle.

There will be times when we will have a break from the battle, but there will be times when the battle seems the hottest, this is where we press in!, remind yourself of who God says that you are, remind the situation of God's Word - Speak the Word, quote the Word, sing the Word! The Word of God is literally a supernatural sword in the spiritual realm!!! and we have this at our disposal!!

End your prayer with a praise !!, praising our God lifts every heavy burden, it literally lifts the heaviness that tries to stagnate your progress in God, PRAISE our God and let all of the enemies of your soul be scattered.

Blessings to you and yorus

Prophetess M. Floyd

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