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Lord, Set a Guard Over My Mouth!

April 12thb- Spiritual Warfare Prayer

I have Given You Power To Release Yourself From The Curse Of Lust And Perversion

My daughter, I have given you the gift of My Holy Spirit, who is powerful and strong and who will save you from the curse of lust and perversion that has affected the generations with whom you dwell.

Trust My Holy Spirit to give you the power to release yourself from the spirits of lust and perversion.

Perverse lips cause us to speak crooked words, words of death and defeat. And it is EASY to do when we are upset, feeling some kind of way and all in our emotions. If we are not careful with our words, we can end up creating an atmosphere that is not designed for us to prosper. Let this be a prayer for you to day - to ask the Lord to set a guard at our mouths.

Philippians 2:15; Proverbs 4:23-27

Prayer Declaration:

Holy Spirit, fill me with the power to set myself free from all lust and perversion. I will no longer live under the curse of a perverse heart, and I commit to You today to keep my lips free from perversion and my eyes looking straight to You. Help me train my lips to speak life and what is right in Your sight that I won't do myself or my loved ones any harm by the words I speak out of my mouth. Teach me Lord to put a guard on my lips! Let all my ways be established in righteousness, and continue giving me the strength to remove my feet from all evil.

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