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My Feet Were Caught In A Net!

Psalm 57:6:

They have prepared a net for my steps; my soul is bowed down: they have digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves.

There are many types of prophetic dreams, Many years ago I had a dream of me in church, I was in the middle of a group that was praying for me ( I wasn't able to see anyone's face, I just knew I was in the middle of a group). While I was in the middle, I was praising God and all of sudden I saw that my feet was caught in a net -and as I stared at the net, I saw the face of my friend and she began to help me, while still in the middle of this group, I was able to get free from the net.

The biblical definition for NET

  • 1. An instrument for catching fish and fowls, or wild beasts, formed with twine or thread interwoven with meshes.

  • 2. A cunning device; a snare. Mich 7.

  • 3. Inextricable difficulty. Job 18.

  • 4. Severe afflictions. Job 19.

I didn't know what the net represented at that time, I only knew that God delivered me. I also did not know there was a SCRIPTURE!! concerning this! (God is amazing!) only now am I able to research this out and see how far God has brought me and how He was faithful to deliver me- in spite of my ignorance to what was going on with me spiritually. During that time I was naïve and did not know ANYTHING about spiritual warfare!! Thank God for teaching me and for His mercy.

👉🔥**Warfare Prayer**

May the Lord open your eyes and make you sensitive to see any and every wicked device that that enemy has set for your feet. May the Lord give you discernment and His strength to free yourself from any trap, any wicked device, any cunning and complicated device that the enemy may have set up for you to cause you to stumble. I pray that the Lord will grant you His wisdom to sidestep any cunning and wicked net that tries to stop you from progressing in every area of your life and in your children's life!!

Let the praises of our God be a constant weapon in your mouth to break free from every stronghold, every trap of the enemy. In Jesus name!

***FYI we have moved the group to Facebook, it may be a little easier to reach :)

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