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Our God Is ENOUGH!

When everything else fails - God will not! He will never

go back on His word to us. He will never make up excuses, He will never stop answering your call, hide from us, try to avoid us!! - Because He can BACK UP whatever He has said! - Our God is enough!

We can rust Him when things in life don't look like they should..

He is dependable, reliable, trustworthy, honest, sincere, kind, merciful and compassionate toward you and I - who wouldn't trust a God like this!

Denounce every thought that demons bring to your mind that God does not care, that we may need something extra!, fall out of agreement with those words spoken out of anger, hurt or misunderstanding - that makes our Lord smaller, that even suggest His power is not enough, that His grace will not sustain us or carry us through our present issue or circumstance. He is God, He is Lord and He is ENOUGH!!

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