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Recognize His Truth!


Who can persuade God to stop helping you, what circumstance can put a halt to the will of God to move on your behalf, when He has commanded it to be so?   He said "I will never leave you, nor forsake you".🔥

WHO can whisper in God's ear and persuade Him NOT to help you?, God doesn't have "a board of advisers", He doesn't have to have a meeting of congress to assist you.  Recognize WHO you serve, Recognize WHO HE IS in your life.  Don't be afraid of those that say "Don't let me go to God on you".  What seminar or conference did they attend to get "that anointed" that they can influence a Holy God against you?  When God commands it to be so, it is so! and no one or nothing can change that fact.

Recognize this truth!🔥James 1:17

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