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Why Are They Coming For Me!?

Have you ever asked that question?, Why do some folks just come for you?, especially when you KNOW you did nothing wrong, just minding your own business, loving the Lord and doing what you know to do is right?

In Psalm 59 David, was in the same situation. Saul "came for David" for no reason at all, David was not guilty of anything, except following the path the Lord laid out for him.

There will be times when you have made up your mind to do it God's way, made up your mind to seek God no matter what - and then all of sudden ROADBLOCKS, HINDERANCES, FOLK ACTING EXTRA!! and all you did was say "Lord I"m ready to follow you!".

The Lord is Compassionate and understands what we go through - He has given us a Way Out!, a Way Out by reading His Word and taking it to heart - Take your way out, read this psalm and pray the words David did - God is our Defense, He is our STRENGTH, our Shield, our Way Maker, He is the Lifter Up of our head. He will not sit by and see the wicked triumph over the righteous.

**REMEMBER*** David gave God praise in spite of folk coming for him! Take a moment and give God praise, take a moment and be thankful that you have GOD on your side.

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