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Prayer of Thanksgiving!

*Father we thank You this day, we thank You for being our God, we thank You for being our Rock, our Strength.
*Father we thank You for your love toward us and our family, we thank You for Your protection. We thank you for giving us our daily bread.
*We thank You for supplying our need for this day! everything that we need to pursue life, everything that we need to live godly, everything that we need to have success for this day-the mental strength, strategies, godly wisdom, peace, patience, compassion - Father You have already prepared and You have already given it to us through Jesus Christ.

Now Lord we use our faith and grab hold to what You have given us, we pull it down by faith!! , what You have already supplied for this day - thank You for this day being fully supplied in every area of our life, in our health we have a full supply and our relationships we have a full supply in our thinking we think the thoughts that are healthy and that will draw us closer to you ! Thank You lovingly supplying our daily bread..

Amen and amen

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1 Comment

Apr 14, 2021

Amen & Amen❤️👑💎🙏🏽🔥

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