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Do You Remember When?

Our current reading Psalm 77 was written by Asaph, the lead choir director, a priest and a prophet.

Verses 1 - 9 the tone seems like he is discouraged, he can't sleep, and he is troubled - it almost sounds like he is depressed over the things of life. He asked himself, "Has God forgotten to be gracious?", he asked another question "Has the Lord's mercy gone?, will God keep His promises?.

This is real life and no fairy tale - there will be times in our spiritual walk that we feel that God as left us, that He is not hearing us or even not seeing what we are going through! but this is the time that we use the weapon of our memory!!

Asaph, turned the situation around and began to "Remember the Lord", he began to remember what the Lord had done in his life, in the lives of the children of Israel. He replied in verse 10 "This is my infirmity but I WILL REMEMBER the years of the right hand of the Most High". In other words "Yes I'm going through right now, but I remember what God has done for me, for my children, for my family!!

***If your are in a situation like Asaph!, turn it around and Remember The Lord - remember the good days, remember how He made a way for you, remember how He opened doors, remember how He wrapped His arms around you and caused you to feel loved and adored! REMEMBER the Lord today.

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