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Friend Or Foe?

A Lesson in Our Spiritual Warfare 101 Group

I Cor 15:33 "Do not be misled: "Bad companionships corrupt good morals."

Biblical definition of" Bad" - inwardly foul, rotten (poisoned); (figuratively) inner malice flowing out of a morally-rotten character

Some "friends" have intentionally been sent as a distraction, or as a hinderance to stop you from progressing - not only in the Lord, but also in other areas ( entrepreneurship, healthy relationships, righteous living, etc.). These "friends" can stick close sometimes - "your ride or die"!, your "day ones". They are on assignment and this is how you test it.

  1. Start or attempt to better your life - notice their words or reaction

  2. Start or attempt to live righteously - notice their words and reaction

  3. Start or attempt to open your own business - they may withhold important information that you need - all because in their heart - they don't want you to succeed

  4. Start or attempt to press into God - notice their resistance, "girl you are still young, you need to go out and have fun!!"

True friends will encourage you to move forward, even if they don't understand why! True friends will help build you up, will cheer you on, will be faithful to your process - they will not tear you down by words neither by deeds - this is one way to distinguish Friend from Foe.

Foe's sent on assignment will attempt to "encourage" but will also bring in things to discourage, bring in things to hinder your progress, start confusion and drama to throw you off, intentionally cause "drama" or mess to bring you back to where you were - under the influence of the enemy - not having direction in your life.

Intentionally causing "drama" or being messy is a tactic, it is a spiritual weapon of attack, to throw you off! it is a distraction, to keep you confused, disoriented - without peace in your mind to make sound decisions! Confusion is a TRICK OF THE ENEMY!!

Not everyone in your circle is for you - discern who is SAFE, and who is NOT! They may "ride with you", but secretly they don't want you to advance past them.


🙏Lord, I pray that You expose everything that has been sent as an assignment against us, reveal their true nature, reveal their true intent toward me, reveal what is in their heart and give us the courage to accept what you show us, heal any hurt and disappoint that may come from what You show us - and give us a plan to move forward. Bring into our lives true friends, friends that will build and not tear down, friends that have life and healing in their tongue, true friends that You have chosen for us. In Jesus name!

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Jan 12, 2021

This is so true & powerful!🙌🏾🔥 One must pray for greater discernment in this area. As God elevated us, we must remain ever so watchful of the enemy’s tactics.


Sybil Burks
Sybil Burks
Jan 11, 2021

Thanks for the encouraging words know who are your friend and know who are your foe, so true and Amen💃

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