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When God Says No

Have you ever believed God for a specific thing, prayed, fast, even begged God? lol! and He still said "No" by how the circumstances turned out? Well I have, I can laugh about it now, but it certainly wasn't funny during that time!.

This reminds me of the story of Joseph in Gen. 40: 1-23. Joseph was wrongly accused and thrown in jail all because Mrs. Potiphar was a "lil hot in the pants!". Joseph had no desire to be a "baby daddy! - you heard me!.

Seriously though, Joseph did not want to sin against God, but his desire was to please God no matter what. I'm sure he did not want to stay in that jail cell after rejecting Mrs. Potiphar, he even asked a couple of people -people of influence - to get him out of the place that was uncomfortable, that place that he was not supposed to be - according to Joseph's thinking.

People of Influence:

The Chief Butler and Chief Baker were men of influence, they could have put in a good word for Joseph, in fact Joseph asked the Chief Butler to specifically speak on his behalf. Joseph confided in this man of influence and told him about his troubles, his misfortune, no doubt in hopes of this person helping Joseph get out of a place he did not want to be.

We often run to those who we believe have influence with God, at least to those who we think and believe can "get a prayer through" like God has respect of persons and they "know the right words to say, to get God to move on our behalf". These people of influence, can pray and thank God, but in some cases, if this is not the will or timing of God- than that prayer request will not be answered, at lease not yet. God is Sovereign and our prayers don't make God do anything He does not want to do or what is not in His plan for our lives. This sometimes is a hard lesson to learn.

The Journey of our Destiny is not always glamorous!

Our times are in God's hands. He is the One that orchestrates the events in our lives - even when it doesn't make sense to us. Our times are in God's Hand. No amount of prayer, fasting, prophetic word can change the plans of God when He has decreed it to be so. No matter who you may ask to pray for you or no matter how we fast, petition, God is definitely in control - He has our times in His hand and will take care of us.

Sometimes, the road along your destiny is not easy - or glamorous for that matter. There will be times of disappointment, failure, even heart ache - 2 TIm 3:12 "yea all that live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution" that is a fact of the Christian walk. Don't let anyone "glamorize" your walk with God by telling you that nothing bad ever happens to Christians and God answers "yes" to all your prayers - teaching like that sets us up for failure, because it causes us to believe a lie, a lie based on fantasy. We must have rain in order to grow. Seasons change for a reason, it does not stay summer all year long - that would be unbalanced.

Ecclesiastes 3:1- 14 declares that there is a time and season for everything in our lives - a purpose as to why things happen. Take comfort in knowing that God is the God over our seasons and His goal is to bring us to an expected end, to do us good and not evil.

Take courage and know that He is with us every step of the way. He is leading, guiding, protecting and providing - even though we may not understand it all - but we know He loves us unconditionally, He loves us in spite of - He loves us no matter what. And because God our Father, loves us, that love will provide, that love will take care of us - His way, not ours.

So I say to all my sisters and brothers in Christ, that have prayed, fasted, claimed that thing and it didn't happen the way you wanted. Cry if you must, get it out, its OK!. Eat your comfort food - but after that GET UP, wipe your face and let's move forward. God got us!


Father thank you for everyone that is reading this blog, thank you for allowing them to stumble upon it - encourage their heart today, strengthen what seems to be weak through these events in our lives, no things did not work out they way we so desired, they way we prayed, but we give that to You, we release the pain, the hurt and the disappointment of the situation into Your hands and we say "bye bye" to pain and sorrow.

We now lift our eyes unto the hills from whence cometh our help, all our help comes from You and we say let your perfect will be done in our lives continually - we so want to please You. We love you God and we know that You only have our best interest at heart. You are are Provider and God in spite of our current situation. We trust You and yet believe You for great things in ours - we yet trust You knowing that You will cause all things to work out for our good and our families good. Thank you for strengthen us in our inner man, thank you for strength in or faith and trust in You. We love you! --- in Jesus name

Blessings to you and yours

Prophetess M. Floyd, M. Div.

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