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Emotional Warfare?

I had a recent experience when someone walked up to me and begin to rehearse a past event that was sensitive to me; however, unbeknownst to this individual, I had already settled the matter in my heart and mind - I was at peace with it and had found a workable solution to prevent the situation from happening again. So when this individual approached me, and begin to rehearse the events again, they used words to try and make me feel like I disobeyed God and missed what He had.

Also those "words" were spoken to give me advice on how to handle it next time. As I pondered these words, I noticed that the words "stuck to me" I noticed I had a hard time casting those words down, and not only that, but those very words had a "power" attached to them. I sensed that they were trying to draw me away from what I knew was right!.

It was then that I recognized that this was demonic, I begin to pray, rebuking those words and coming against what was being suggested to my mind and to my emotions - I was in an emotional warfare!. The nerve of these demons!! i didn't ask for this fight - I had resolved the issue and now it was being brought back up and it came at me with such intensity!

As my husband & I was discussing this, we both came to the conclusion. This individual had a motive, an agenda in telling me this and it wasn't because "they cared". The words were designed to control my emotions and bring me into agreement with them & their personal issue. Those words had a demonic spirit attached to them - point blank!

The next day I pondered what happened because it was so weird! and because I actually felt the strong pull & intensity from those very words - trying to drag me into a conflict I did not want, neither desired!!. Those words were trying to steal the peace God gave me. I found some research on this that hit the mail on the head and wanted to share this with you all - I hope someone will find this useful!.

"Emotional Warfare is defined as the strategy of consciously, subconsciously and/or unconsciously redirecting unwanted inward emotions onto another or others (through the use of Tactics) to elicit specific emotional responses for the purposes of acquiring, controlling or manipulating a sense of security for oneself. (this is exactly what the enemy tried to do!)

High-conflict emotional warfare exists everywhere there are high-conflict people.

Their strategy is usually to seduce someone get other people to agree with them on attacking someone else. ....High-conflict people dominate by sowing division, at all levels of society — from school boards to state governments."

This is so timely because our next class is on Spiritual Warfare! - just know warfare comes in all flavors & we must learn how to fight the good fight of faith. I thank God for Jesus Christ and His shed blood that helps us to win!. Make it practice in your prayer time to cast down every word spoken against you, your family, finances, marriage,etc, that is not God, every word spoken out even in the atmosphere that comes to hinder, tear down, control and manipulate!! cast it down in Jesus name, and may the favor of God surround you & yours, because He is our Defense and our Protector! Amen!!

Would you please leave a comment below? let me know your thoughts on this and if it helped in any wayl

Blessing to you and yours

Prophetess M. Floyd

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