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Give That Back!

Every prophetic Word is not for you.

When God releases a prophetic Word it is ALWAYS directed to a person, place, thing, people or a situation.

God is never "haphazard", random, hit and miss, lacking direction or organization - He never sends His precious Word out without a purpose.

❗️This is a trick of the enemy to bring confusion, to steal your clarity of direction. When we grab hold to what is not ours, it confuses and distract us - when we take it and apply what is not intended for us"❗️

If you are experiencing confusion about what direction God wants you to go in and especially if you were SURE prior to hearing " a prophetic word", or dreaming something - it may be a trick of the enemy to get you off course!

May this encourage your soul to seek God and His righteousness, may you stand and rebuke and bind every tormenting spirit of confusion that wars against you. May you stand in the authority Jesus died for , to fight the good faith of faith and refuse to allow confusion in your mind and in your heart!

Prophetess M. Floyd

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