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Keep Praying!

Our prayers are a supernatural act! Don't stop praying, don't stop telling God about the situation.

You may not know the words or even how to put what you are feeling or experiencing into words, but God know how to interpret our tears, our groans, our sighs!! Glory be to God, He is a MASTER COMMUNICATOR and skilled in every language of the heart.

Let's pour out our souls to Him, lets pour out our anger, frustration, disappointment and leave it at His feet! Let's give Him praise for hearing us and moving on our behalf!

There is no one that is Mightier than our heavenly Father, that knows what we have need of - before we ask, before we pray, before we shed a tear!

He knows and He cares!! Hold on and keep praying, the battle belongs to our God! - God will hear our cry!

Blessings to you and your

Prophetess M. Floyd

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